Ioana Cerasella Chis

3rd year (JH) Political Science and Sociology BA

Ioana Cerasella ChisBeing interested in both Sociological and Political ways of understanding the dynamics within societies, I chose to do a Joint Honours course which has not ceased to impress me with its variety of modules and other opportunities.

The university overall, the department, and the Guild of Students have co-opted me in various activities and projects in the past years, some of them being: Chair of the International Students Association and Guild Councillor (member of the Guild of Students’ Parliament), marketing officer for the undergraduate POLSIS conference, student representative for the Sociology course, research assistant for Dr Justin Cruickshank, member of University Senate, and mentee as part of the Mentoring programme organised by the Careers Network department. You can read about my internship at Birmingham City Council this summer.

As part of the representation roles at the university, I have been able to put across my fellow students’ views and contribute towards improving and developing activities on campus. It is an extraordinary experience, as it allowed to be part of the university and guild’s structures, and to meet people with the same interests. Also, now I am able to manage my time better, without neglecting participation in leisure activities in the city, or going to the local pub with my friends.

My research-related activities have also given me an insight into how publishable research is being done. As a mentee, throughout my third year, I will be paired up with a professional who works in a non-governmental organisation, to discuss monthly with them about their experience, career path, and my career prospects.

During my three years here I have been able to choose modules and write essays about the topics that I feel mostly passionate about. The best thing was when I discovered how relevant my academic work is to my extra-curricular activities and in my everyday life. In the past two years I have changed my perspective of the world considerably, and this is because of my time at the University of Birmingham.

The university offers various types of support for undergraduate students related to welfare, disability, mentoring, childcare facilities, faith, finance, academic work, visa applications, and also support for students’ future career choices.

In the future I would like to do a Masters in Social and Political Theory here at the University of Birmingham. After that, I would want to be active in a non-governmental organisation.

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