Jenny Akers

Sociology BA

Jenny AkersAs I approach my final year of Undergraduate study I am reminded of my progress thus far and the exciting challenges ahead of me. Having dissertation deadlines as well as numerous assignment deadlines can be said to be overwhelming however the skills I have learnt over the past two years seem to have relieved my stress levels and raised my excitement and readiness to complete these tasks.

Being a Sociology Undergraduate has, without doubt, enhanced my sociological imagination, my academic capacity and my ability to think critically. The degree functions as a platform of experience and guidance, allowing for the development of individual interests, research skills, planning and analytical thinking.

My enjoyment of the course has stemmed from my personal academic progress as well as the opportunity to explore a plethora of sociological, historical and contemporary concerns, such as; gender, ethnicity, technological innovation and class stratification. This scholastic understanding has lead me to direct my extra-curricular time towards mentoring Sixth Form College students, plus events held by the University have allowed me to shadow organisations such as the Chief Inspector of the West Bromwich Police Force.

From this Sociology Degree Programme I hope to apply my skills within Local Government to help develop and support schemes that target the improvement of youth culture and social mobility.

Course information: Sociology BA