Lauren Boon

International Relations with French (4th year).

I spent the third year of my degree studying abroad, at France Sciences Po, in Lyon, France.

I chose the study abroad option for my course as I wanted to learn the language first-hand and experience French culture.

My favourite memories from Lyon are making friends from all over the world through ERASMUS events, going to concerts, traveling to Madrid and Geneva during my time in Lyon, practicing my French with native speakers, and feeling like Lyon was my home!

I think that my year abroad has given me confidence and taught me how to be fully independent, two things that will prove invaluable after graduation. Living alone meant that I did practical things like changing a light bulb and plunging a sink for the first time!

My advice to anyone considering studying a year abroad would be to do plenty of research on your city/country so that you are prepared to sort out things like a bank account and a phone contract when you get there. I absolutely hounded a girl I knew who had gone to Lyon the year before me in the few months leading up to moving there to get as much information about all the administrative things!

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