Public Engagement in Nursing (PEN) Advisory Group


This group meets every 6 to 8 weeks.

The aspiration for greater public engagement within the School of Nursing is continually being developed; this now currently informed by members of the PEN Group. Service users and Carers are highly valued and seen as a beneficial resource that can provide unique expertise and knowledge which balances the nursing professional and scientific knowledge provided within our existing faculty here at the University of Birmingham.

What does this group do?

This group provides feedback to nursing lecturers, helps to generate ideas and direction relating to service user and carer involvement in our nursing degree programme activities. Initially by meeting with nurse lecturers, nursing students, clinically based nurses and discussing nurse education and nurse research. This group is working toward helping to write policies for example, how to involve, support and reward people who want to be involved with developing our nursing educational programmes. Members of the public are actively engaged with teaching our nursing students and developing other key nursing programme activities (e.g. admissions, recruitment, validation, curriculum design etc.)

The group critically reads and discusses things that concern nursing, and comment, or decide what they might mean for the School of Nursing, e.g. health care policies or reports, programme forms, research, curriculum developments etc. Guidance notes and process documents for use by service users, students and academic staff will be developed by the PEN Advisory Group to help support involvement activities and aid the development of public engagement within our nursing programmes. We are currently exploring making audios, videos and other materials of patient or carer experiences of nursing or health care to be used when people are thinking about becoming a student nurse and that could be used at our open days and within student nurse student interviews. Between meetings, group members might be required to find out and think about information relevant to our nurse education and research activities.

If you wish to join in within any of the activities mentioned above then please contact Mark Hughes.

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