Research in the School

Health and Population Sciences research at University of BirminghamThe research domain of Health & Population Sciences (HaPS) encompasses expertise in the fields of primary care, public health and epidemiology, clinical trials, health technology assessments, health economics, occupational and environmental medicine, biostatistics, health services research, health care development and nursing.

Our research involves cross-disciplinary collaborations within the university and beyond, utilising some of the brightest minds and latest scientific technology in our quest to push back the boundaries of research in this field.

We are focused on two specific research themes: Healthcare Evaluation and Methodology and Primary Care, Population Health Research and Epidemiology.

Research themes

Healthcare Evaluation and Methodology

The scope of groups within this theme stretch from providing methodological infrastructure and support for applied health research projects based in Health and Population Sciences, or elsewhere in the College; through provision of health evaluation services; to development and evaluation of the scientific methodologies for development and evaluation of methodology.

Primary Care, Population Health Research and Epidemiology

Research within this theme is determining disease aetiology and health outcomes, including the role of the environment and genes, and using such knowledge to inform the design and evaluation of population-based or clinical interventions to prevent or treat conditions of population health importance.