Dr Alistair Hewison

Senior Lecturer


Alistair Hewison has worked at the University of Birmingham since 2001 and undertaken a number of roles including Head of the School of Health Sciences, Head of Nursing and Director of Postgraduate Studies.  He has published widely on nursing, management and policy in scholarly journals and book chapters.

His background in health care as a charge nurse and manager ...

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Dr James Hodgkinson

Research Fellow

Primary Care Clinical Sciences

James Hodgkinson is a Research Fellow in the Department of Primary Care Clinical Sciences.

He has pursued a career in research through the varied fields of medical, social and even historical research, in academia and the civil service, utilising a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies over many different projects, but has increasingly ...

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Mr Roger Holder

Medical Statistician

Primary Care Clinical Sciences

Roger Holder is Head of Statistics in the Primary Care Clinical Sciences unit of the School of Health and Population Sciences.

He has published over 200 research papers and two books in the general area of Applied and Medical Statistics.

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Mr Mark Hughes

Lecturer and Admissions Tutor (Nursing)


Mark Hughes teaches on the undergraduate nursing programme (B700), and is also the Admissions Tutor for the programme. He teaches on the following modules: Community Care (leader), Developing as a Health Care Professional, Basic Life Support, Transition to Professional Practice, Moving and Handling.

Current duties:Module leader for the (BNurs) Community Nursing, Public ...

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Dr Ghaiath Mohamed Abas Hussein

Dr Ghaiath Mohamed Abas Hussein

Doctoral Researcher

School of Health and Population Sciences

PhD title: Ethical issues related to the research undertaken during armed conflicts. Case study of Darfur, west Sudan.

Supervisors: Prof Angus Dawson (Lead), and Prof Heather Draper

Ghaiath Hussein is a doctoral researcher in Medicine, Ethics, Society and History (MESH)at the School of Population and Health Sciences. His work primarily focuses on the ethical issues that ...

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