Mrs Jackie Ingram

Nurse Team Lead

Primary Care Clinical Sciences

Jackie Ingram is Nurse Team Lead in the Primary Care Clinical Research & Trials Unit. Her role at the unit involves providing overall managerial responsibility for the clinical nurses within the facilitation team.

Jackie’s extensive experience of nursing, primary care research and clinical trials management, enables her to offer operational and clinical ...

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Mr Ryan Irwin

PhD Student

Primary Care Clinical Sciences

PhD Title: Understanding common cause and special cause clinical variation in primary care

Supervisors: Dr. Tom Marshall, Dr.Tim Stokes

Ryan Irwin is a PhD student in the School of Primary Care Clinical Sciences funded through the National Institute of Health Research. His primary research interests are in quality improvement and understanding variation in ...


Ms Fatima Isa

Doctoral Researcher

Public Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

PhD Title: Diet and Bladder Cancer: A world perspective

Lead Supervisor: Prof. Maurice Zeegers

Co-supervisor: Dr. Raoul Reule

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Dr Jonathan (Jon) Ives

Dr Jonathan (Jon) Ives

Senior Lecturer in Bioethics

Primary Care Clinical Sciences

Jonathan Ives is a Senior Lecturer in Bioethics in the Medicine, Ethics, Society and History group, School of Health and Population Sciences.

Jon publishes predominantly in the field of biomedical ethics, focussing on fatherhood and families, methods in empirical bioethics and research ethics  He is also interested in, and publishes on, public health ethics and ethics ...

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