Dr Joanne O’Beirne-Elliman

Research Facilitator

Primary Care Clinical Sciences


Contact details

Primary Care Clinical Research and Trials Unit (PC-CRTU)
Primary care and Clinical Sciences
School of Health and Population Sciences
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


Joanne O’Beirne-Elliman is a Research Facilitator within the Primary Care Clinical Research and Trials Unit. Joanne is facilitating with the recruitment of portfolio adopted, commercial and non-commercial internal and external studies.


  • PhD in Medical and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham, 2010
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Materials Science, University of Birmingham, 2006


Joanne O’Beirne-Elliman joined the University of Birmingham in 2002 as a student, studying a foundation degree in Chemistry, and later took up a degree in Biomedical Materials Science.

She developed an interest in research following her dissertation project and PhD research project, of which is entitled “Development and Characterisation of a Portland cement-based Dental Root Filling Material“.

Whilst completing the write up of her thesis, Joanne became a Research Fellow within the Biomaterials Unit, investigating the addition of antibiotics to bioresorbable bone cement for the treatment and prevention of osteomyelitis.

Joanne decided to become involved with facilitating clinical research by taking up a role within Trent Comprehensive Local Research Network as a Research Management and Governance Facilitator. In this role, she facilitated commercial and non-commercial, CTIMP and non-CTIMP studies from the point of applying for permission using IRAS, through to NHS permission by Trusts and PCT’s within Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

Joanne left the CLRN to work for the PC-CRTU as a Research Facilitator, so that she could acquire more in-depth knowledge about the set up and running of trials which she has become passionate for.


Clinical Trials, Biomaterials.


O’Beirne, J.L., Shelton, R.M., Lumley, P.J., Hofmann, M.P., (2008) Accelerating the Setting of Portland Cement Based Dental Materials Using Calcium Sulphates, Key Engineering Materials 361-363: 343-346

Murphy, J.C., Hofmann, M.P., O’Beirne, J.L., Coomaraswamy, K.S., Shelton, R.M., (2008) Monitoring the Accelerated Setting of Portland Cement Based Dental Materials, Key Engineering Materials 361-363: 805-808

O’Beirne, J.L., Shelton, R.M., Lumley, P.J., Hofmann, M.P., (2011) Influence of Accelerated Setting Using Plaster of Paris Addition on the Long Term Properties of a Portland Cement Based Dental Material, Advances in Applied Ceramics 110; 3: 157-161

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