West Midlands Regional Research Framework for Archaeology

The West Midlands Regional Research Framework for Archaeology is an English Heritage-funded initiative following on from the publication of Frameworks For Our Past (Olivier 1996) in which it was argued that the public perception of archaeology and the need for public accountability, “make it essential that the discipline acquires a proper means of selecting and targeting local and regional priorities in order to justify curatorial policies and decisions”. The context for dealing with planning issues should be clearly and explicitly informed by the needs of archaeological research.

The aim of the West Midlands Regional Research Framework for Archaeology is to produce an archaeological research framework for the region that will provide a viable, realistic and effective academic basis for undertaking archaeological intervention, either as a result of development-related operations or to underpin future research designs. The process consists of a Resource Audit, a Research Assessment, and a Research Agenda and Strategy which will comprise the final publication to come out of the process. It is also intended to publish separately the papers from each seminar held as part of the Research Assessment process.  

The Research Assessment stage, in particular, is a valuable opportunity for the varied groups and interests that make up the archaeological community of the West Midlands to come together and participate in drawing up a framework for the future direction of archaeology within the region.


Seminar 1: Earlier Prehistory: the Palaeolithic to the Early Bronze Age

(June 24th 2002 Birmingham University)

Seminar 2: Later Prehistory: the Middle Bronze Age and Iron Age

(September 23rd 2002 Worcester)

Seminar 3: Research Issues in the Roman Period in the West Midlands: LPRIA to sub-Roman

(October 30th 2002 Shrewsbury)

Seminar 4: Post-Roman to Conquest

(December 16th 2002 Hereford)

Seminar 5: Medieval Period

(February 24th 2003 Warwick)

Seminar 6: Early Post-Medieval (to c.1750)

(April 30th 2003 Ironbridge)

Seminar 7: Later Post-Medieval (after c.1750)

(Date June 9th 2003 Stoke-on-Trent)