Holly Ranger

Holly Ranger

Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology
Doctoral researcher

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Title of thesis: Ovid and Feminism

Supervisor: Dr Elena Theodorakopoulos


MPhil Classics (University of Birmingham, 2012)

MA Classics - Ancient Greek and Latin (University of Cambridge, 2010)

BA Classics - Ancient Greek and Latin (University of Cambridge, 2006)


I have run the first-year undergraduate seminar series 'Introduction to Greek and Roman History' for the last two years, and this year I have also led the first-year undergraduate seminar workshops 'Introduction to Greek and Latin Literature', and the seminar series 'Investigating Greece and Rome' with second- and third-year undergraduates.

Doctoral research


What difference is made? This is the question asked of feminist classical scholarship that I will address in my doctoral research. With particular reference to the Augustan Latin poet Ovid, I am investigating how classical scholarship has been advanced and altered by the advent and development of feminist critical theory. I track changes in Ovidian scholarship over time, as well as changes in commentaries and editorial decisions in translations, for example, noting how recent publications have chosen to translate the violent verb correpit as ‘raped’ rather than harmful euphemisms such as ‘ravished’ or ‘embraced’. As well as scholarship, I am also examining recent literary editions of Ovid’s exile poetry and how feminist translation techniques can help the translator to interrogate the racist and sexist power structures upon which the Roman Empire relied, and upon which – disturbingly - much of Western society has been based. I am especially interested in how feminist critical theory is incorporated into classical reception work by contemporary women writers.

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My academia.edu profile is at https://bham.academia.edu/HollyRanger