Classics and Ancient History alumni profiles

Chris Naughton, BA Ancient History and Archaeology, 1999, and MPhil Egyptology, 2000

Chris completed his BA in Ancient History and Archaeology in 1999 before going on to complete an MPhil in Egyptology in 2000. He is currently working as the Director for The Egypt Exploration Society.

“My tutors, Anthony Leahy and Lisa Montagno Leahy, had recommended I join the Egypt Exploration Society and make use of their library while I was researching for my MPhil thesis. A few months after finishing, I got a job as Librarian and Membership Secretary at the EES, and have worked for the Society in a variety of roles ever since, now as Director. With help from Anthony, I also arranged to join a University of Pennsylvania dig in Abydos, Egypt, which the EES encouraged me to do, even though I had already started working for them by the time the dig came around, and this was the first of five seasons I spent in Egypt, all of which provided me with enormously useful experience. It goes without saying as well that Anthony and Lisa, and my two Birmingham degrees gave me a very sound grounding in Egyptology which has served me well ever since. I love working for an organisation that makes a real difference to public understanding of Egyptian history and archaeology, and that also has a rich (130 year) history of its own.”

Adam Landsman, BA Archaeology, Ancient History and Anthropology, 2007

Adam graduated with a BA in Archaeology, Ancient History and Anthropology. He is now a primary school teacher for a school in London.

“My first employers loved the diversity of my degree. After graduating from Birmingham I joined a primary school as a teaching assistant to get experience within a school before then applying and getting onto a GTP (Graduate Teacher Programme) course. I have been teaching for 3 years at my current school. I have always had a lot of creativity and have always had a strong passion for teaching so sharing knowledge with such inquisitive children is a dream for me.”