Undergraduate study in Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology

  Photograph of a student drawing notes beside Egyptian ruins

Ancient History BA

To understand the present, you need to discover the past. That is exactly what you will do as you delve into the rise and development of ancient civilisations over several millennia from the Ancient Near East and Ancient Egypt, to Classical Greece, [more...]

Classics BA

Are you fascinated by ancient Greece and Rome? Do you love reading and thinking for yourself? If you also have an A-level in Latin and want to study both Latin and Greek language and literature then this varied and interdisciplinary degree is for [more...]

Classical Literature and Civilisation BA

This innovative degree is for those fascinated by ancient cultures. You will embrace the diversity of Greek and Roman culture, drawing together literature, drama, myth, religion, history, philosophy and art. You will work with the plays, poems, and [more...]

Archaeology and Ancient History BA

This programme combines the best of Archaeology and Ancient History disciplines into one discrete programme. It provides you with the opportunity to study the ancient civilisations of Egypt and Western Asia, Greece and Rome, and prehistoric [more...]

Archaeology and Anthropology BA

Archaeology and Anthropology together seek to understand the nature of human societies, the material worlds they inhabit and the extraordinary variety of cultural life over time. Every aspect of human experience and expression is open to [more...]

Joint Honours

A Joint Honours degree programme involving the study of two subjects to Honours degree level. If you study a subject in a Joint Honours programme, you work at exactly the same level and to the same academic standard as students taking that subject in a Single Honours programme. Joint Honours students are simply required to choose fewer topics from the range of options available in each half of the programme..

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