Undergraduate study in Archaeology

Photograph of undergraduate archaeology students on a training trip on an island coastline

As an undergraduate at Birmingham, you have the opportunity to learn core skills that will be applicable in diverse sectors and explore past societies through cutting edge technologies.

A distinctive element of our programmes is the training excavations which are run by Birmingham staff working on their own research projects. In addition you also have the unique opportunity to undertake a fortnight-long study tour to an agreed destination of your choice.

In your first year you learn about major areas studied at Birmingham, such as the Mediterranean world or Britain, and about the ways in which archaeologists study and reconstruct the past. In your second and third years you specialise in areas and approaches that interest you, increasingly taking more responsibility for your learning and studying with our expert staff.

The degree programmes in Archaeology and Anthropology and Archaeology and Ancient History allow you to study the past using  the physical evidence of archaeology, the written evidence of history, and comparison with diverse cultures around the world, thus drawing on the wide range of disciplines within Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology (CAHA) and beyond.


Ancient History BA

To understand the present, you need to discover the past. That is exactly what you will do as you delve into the rise and development of ancient civilisations over several millennia… from the Ancient Near East and Ancient Egypt, to Classical [more...]

Classical Literature and Civilisation BA

Fascinated by ancient cultures? Love reading and thinking for yourself? Then this innovative degree is for you. You will encounter the ancient world in all its diversity, with the chance to explore literature, drama, myth, religion and history, as well as [more...]

English Language and Classical Literature & Civilisation BA

Language has been the keystone of civilisations throughout the ancient and modern worlds. Your English Language study will provide you with a deep understanding of the way in which the English language works and, more generally, the linguistic, social [more...]

English Literature and Classical Literature & Civilisation BA

If you have a passion for literature through the ages, this is the perfect degree course for you. As an English Literature student at Birmingham, you will explore the written word from medieval to modern times.  Whichever literature modules you [more...]

Classical Literature & Civilisation and Philosophy BA

This Joint Honours programme offers a wide range of modules in Classical Literature and Civilisation and Philosophy. By studying on this programme you will develop skills in weighing up arguments, evaluating sources of information and presenting [more...]

Archaeology and Ancient History BA

This programme provides the opportunity to study the ancient civilisations of Egypt and Western Asia, as well as Greece and Rome, and prehistoric societies in the Mediterranean and Britain. By interpreting historical and archaeological evidence [more...]

Archaeology and Anthropology BA

This course, run jointly by the Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology, and the Department of African Studies and Anthropology,offers an integrated programme of study. It offers study in archaeological and anthropological theory, [more...]

Archaeology & Ancient History and History BA

A Joint Honours degree programme involves the study of two subjects to Honours degree level. If you study a subject in a Joint Honours programme, you work at exactly the same level and to the same academic standard as students taking that subject in a [more...]

Anthropology and Classical Literature and Civilisation BA

Studying Anthropology and Classical Literature and Civilisation will enable you to develop a distinctive set of skills and attributes. Like other BA students, you will learn how to search for, select from and evaluate sources of information, [more...]

Archaeology open day talk