Cadbury Conference 2014: class in Africa a reassessment

 Detail of an artefact in the Danford Collection

15-16 May 2014

The annual Cadbury Conference hosted by the Department of African Studies and Anthropology at the University of Birmingham.

Since the heyday of debates about class analysis and its relevance to Africa during the 1970s and 1980s, there has been a noticeable shift in the nature and focus of academic interest in class. In more recent studies of socio-economic behaviour and transformations, scholars have formulated new concepts and terms, while recent media and policy interest in the emergence of a ‘new middle class’ in Africa invites new questions about the economic, political, social, and cultural significance of this ‘class’ at a variety of scales. This challenges us to reconsider how Africa is implicated in the processes of globalisation and neo-liberalism, how such processes manifest themselves in specific contexts, and whether they can interrogated effectively through questions about class formation, reproduction, and struggle.

Class in Africa talks to this reassessment and features papers from across the arts, humanities, and social sciences.


The conference is free for all who wish to attend and will be held in the Danford Room on the 2nd floor of the Arts Building, University of Birmingham.

Further information

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Tom Penfold
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