Cadbury Workshops 2015: Money Judgments

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Featuring Visiting Leverhulme Professor Jane Guyer (John Hopkins University)

How do people, in Africa and elsewhere, conceptualise, appraise, and assess money and monetary transactions? This interdisciplinary conference explores how people accumulate and think about wealth; describe and measure exchange; attribute moral value to these in different settings and institutions; and how such categorization shapes decisions and behaviour. We will investigate the whole spectrum of ways in which people make judgments in the course of their economic engagements, in contexts ranging from formal legal institutions to intimate domestic, neighbourhood, and community relationships.

Recognised as the ‘Distinguished Africanist’ of 2013 by the African Studies Association of the U.S.A., Professor Jane Guyer (Johns Hopkins University) is one of the foremost economic anthropologists of Africa. Her empirical research, broad-reaching theoretical contributions, and methodological interventions have been indispensible for the study of money and economic life in Africa and elsewhere. Her theoretical reach is augmented by her ability to cross disciplinary boundaries, writing about the cultures and local conceptions of money, value, and exchange. Her edited volume, Money Matters (1995), made a seminal contribution for its case studies on money and its theoretical framing. Professor Guyer’s more recent monograph, Marginal Gains (2004), has had an enormous impact on theoretical and methodological approaches to money in African Studies and anthropology.

Programme of events

This year’s programme is comprised of several connected events:

All events will be in the Department of African Studies and Anthropology, University of Birmingham.

Further information

Please contact Elisa Tuijnder  for more information.