Photo of Lynne Brydon surrounded by students on a visit to Africa

The Department of African Studies and Anthropology (DASA) is an interdisciplinary department with an established international reputation for research on Africa and its diaspora.

DASA brings together a wide range of disciplines spanning arts and social sciences - history, sociology, geography, politics, language, literature and anthropology (both cultural and development-oriented) - and fosters interaction between them. The diversity of regional and disciplinary perspectives is unified by a common focus on local knowledge, a commitment to long-term field and archival work in Africa and the Caribbean, and collaboration with African and Caribbean colleagues. This underpins all our work. 

Current research interests include:

  • Local environmental knowledge and practice
  • African oral and print culture
  • Pre-colonial, colonial and postcolonial histories of local and national identities
  • Gender in society and policy
  • Education and its legacies
  • Religious difference in everyday life
  • African links with the Caribbean and the Islamic world

Some of our research is focused on West Africa, but we also encompass comparative studies across the whole of Africa and its diasporas. 

The department attracts research students and Visiting Fellows from wherever there are Africans.

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Featured research

 Dr Reg Cline-Cole: Rural energy issues in West Africa.