Robin Weaver

Department of History
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: North European Prehistoric Architecture
PhD History


Robin Weaver is a first year doctoral candidate. Robin is interested in north European prehistoric architecture and is currently assessing the influence of certain sociologists and social philosophers who are sometimes termed the ‘spatial thinkers’ (e.g. Bourdieu, Foucault, Giddens, Heidegger and Lefebvre) upon archaeology’s conception of space and time, agency and structure, and the sacred and profane. Robin completed his undergraduate degree in Archaeology at the University of Wales, Lampter with a dissertation study of the Neolithic ritual landscapes of the Lincolnshire Wolds setting phenomenological techniques to work on both ‘landscape space’ and ‘monument space’.

He followed this with a Master’s dissertation (University of Sheffield) entitled ‘The Production of Archaeology: Prehistory and the Spatial Dialectic of Henri Lefebvre’ and wishes to make further use of Lefebvre’s ideas about the generation of spatial orders. Robin’s general interests include modern art and sculpture (e.g. Piet Mondrian and Donald Judd), the styles of presenting time and space (and time travel) in cinema, left politics and animal rights (humanism/post-humanism), tracking down illusive megaliths in the British countryside, and the history of the Situationist International.