Dr Arezou Azad

Lecturer in Medieval History

Dr Laura Beers

Birmingham Fellow

Dr Jakub Benes

CENDARI project research fellow

Dr Pavlina Bobič

CENDARI project research fellow

Dr Jonathan Boff


Professor Nicholas Brooks

Professor Emeritus of Medieval History

Dr Caterina Bruschi

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Dr Chris Callow

Lecturer in Medieval History

I have research interests in the early middle ages with particular specialisms in Iceland and the Vikings.

The 2014 Midlands Viking Symposium will be held at the Barber Institute, University of Birmingham on Saturday 26th April. For all enquiries please visit:

Dr Catherine Casson

Teaching Fellow in Medieval History

Professor Carl Chinn

Chair of Birmingham Community History

Dr Matt Cole

Teaching Fellow

Dr Kieran Connell

Research Fellow

Dr Emmanuelle Cronier

Marie Curie Fellow (2011-2013)

Professor Nicholas Crowson

Professor of Contemporary British History
Head of Department of History

Professor Richard Cust

Professor of Early Modern History

George Demidowicz

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Malcolm Dick

Lecturer in Regional and Local History
Director, Centre for West Midlands History

I am a social and regional historian with teaching and research interests in the history of the West Midlands region after 1700 and the history of ethnic minorities and anti-slavery. I am also Editor-in-Chief of the History West Midlands project.

Professor Christopher Dyer

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Matthew Francis

Teaching Fellow in Twentieth Century British History


Dr Elaine Fulton

Senior Lecturer in Early Modern European History

Dr David Gange

Lecturer in History

Dr Peter Gray

Senior Research Fellow in Air Power Studies
Centre for War Studies

Dr Armin Grünbacher

Lecturer in Modern History

Dr Jonathan E Gumz

Lecturer of Modern History

Dr Tara Hamling

Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History

Dr Victoria Harris

Birmingham Fellow

Modern European history, social and cultural history of Germany from the 19th century

Dr Steve Hewitt

Senior Lecturer in American and Canadian Studies

Canadian history and politics, Canada-US relations, policing and intelligence services, anti-Americanism, counterterrorism.

Dr Christopher Hill

Teaching Fellow in Twentieth Century British History

Professor Matthew Hilton

Professor of Social History

Dr Matt Houlbrook

Senior Lecturer in Modern British History

Professor Peter Jones

Professor of French History

Dr Simone Laqua-O'Donnell

Lecturer in Early Modern History

Dr Helen Laville

Head of School of English, Drama and American & Canadian Studies
Senior Lecturer in American Studies

Professor Sabine Lee

Professor in Modern History

Dr Su Lin Lewis

Lecturer in Asian History

Professor George Lukowski

Professor of Polish History

Professor Hugh McLeod

Emeritus Professor of Church History

Dr Paul Miller

Marie Curie Fellow (2011-2013)

Dr Christopher Moores

Birmingham Fellow

Dr Steve Morewood

Senior Lecturer in International History

Dr Miriam Muller

Lecturer in Medieval History
Welfare Tutor Department of History

Dr Rhoads Murphey

Reader in Ottoman Studies

Dr William Purkis

Senior Lecturer in Medieval History

I am a historian of medieval religious cultures (c.1000–c.1300), with particular interests in crusading, pilgrimage and monasticism.

Dr Sadiah Qureshi

Lecturer in Modern History

Professor Adrian Randall

Emeritus Professor of English Social HIstory

Emeritus Professor of English Socialch History

Dr Arfon Rees

Reader in Soviet and Russian History

Dr Klaus Richter

Lecturer in War Studies

Dr Jens Röhrkasten

Lecturer in Medieval History

Professor Corey Ross

Professor of Modern History
Head of School of History and Cultures

Professor Gavin Schaffer

Professor of British History
Director of Graduate School

Professor Peter John Simkins

Visiting Lecturer

Dr Margaret Small

Lecturer in Europe and the Wider World

Dr Michael Snape

Reader in Religion, War and Society

Professor Naomi Standen

Professor of Medieval History

Professor Robert Swanson

Professor of Medieval History

Dr Frank Uekotter

Reader in Environmental Humanities

Dr Jelle van Lottum

Birmingham Fellow

Dr Daniel Whittingham

Lecturer in War Studies

Dr Jonathan Willis

Lecturer in Early Modern History

Dr Simon Yarrow

Senior Lecturer in Medieval History

Dr Shirley Ye

Lecturer in Asian History

Historians in other Schools and Departments

Centre for West African Studies

Paolo de Farias

Insa Nolte

Benedetta Rossi

Keith Shear

Kate Skinner

Ancient History, Classics and Archaeology

Dimiter Angelov

Leslie Brubaker

Mary Harlow

Anthea Harris

Ruth Macrides

Rhoads Murphey

Steven Morewood

Gareth Sears

School of English, Drama and American & Canadian Studies

David Griffith

Steve Hewitt

Helen Laville

Robert Lewis

Scott Lucas

Philippa Semper

School of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music

Nick Griffiths

Andrew Kirkman

Elizabeth L'Estrange

Aengus Ward

School of Health and Population Studies

Jonathan Reinarz