Dr Arezou Azad

Lecturer in Medieval History
Chair, Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages

Medieval Central Asia, Afghanistan and Iran, with a particular interest in cities, religious practices, social diversity and historiography

Dr Laura Beers

Birmingham Fellow

Political history, politics and the mass media, politics and gender, international politics between the two world wars

Dr Jonathan Boff

Dr Jonathan Boff

Senior Lecturer in modern History

Military history of the two world wars, British strategy from Gladstone to Churchill, morale and combat motivation

Professor Nicholas Brooks

Professor Emeritus of Medieval History

It is with great sadness that we announce that Nicholas Brooks died on 2nd February 2014.


Dr Chris Callow

Lecturer in Medieval History

History and archaeology of early medieval western Europe, the Vikings and medieval Iceland and Scandinavia

Dr Nathan Cardon

Dr Nathan Cardon

Lecturer in United States History

19th and early 20th century United States history,  race and empire in foreign and domestic space

Dr Matt Cole

Teaching Fellow

I am an historian of modern Britain with a particular interest in twentieth century constitutional and party politics, and local history.

Professor Nicholas Crowson

Professor of Contemporary British History

Contemporary British history, political activism, non-governmental organisations, homelessness and European relations

Professor Richard Cust

Professor of Early Modern History

Political and cultural history of late sixteenth and early seventeenth century England

Dr Malcolm Dick

Dr Malcolm Dick

Lecturer in Regional and Local History
Director, Centre for West Midlands History

History of the West Midlands region after 1700, history of ethnic minorities and anti-slavery

Amy Edwards

Teaching Fellow in Modern British History

I am a social and political historian of twentieth century Britain, with a particular interest in changing political ideologies.

Dr Matthew Francis

Birmingham Teaching Fellow

Political historian of twentieth century Britain, conceptual history, political ideologies and ideological change

Dr Elaine Fulton

Reader in History Teaching (Higher Education)
Head of Department of History
Deputy Director of Education, College of Arts and Law

Early-modern Catholic reform, early-modern politics, man and environment in early-modern Europe

Dr David Gange

Dr David Gange

Senior Lecturer in History

Cultural history of nineteenth and twentieth-century Britain.

Dr Peter Gray

Dr Peter Gray

Senior Research Fellow in Air Power Studies
Centre for War Studies

Contemporary and historical air power.

Dr Armin Grünbacher

Lecturer in Modern History

German post-war social, economic and political history.

Dr Jonathan E Gumz

Senior Lecturer in Modern History

Modern Central and Eastern Europe, modern international history, global insurgency and counterinsurgency.

Dr Tara Hamling

Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History

Visual and material culture of early modern Britain, post-Reformation religious and cultural practices.

Dr Steve Hewitt

Dr Steve Hewitt

Senior Lecturer in American and Canadian Studies

Canadian history and politics, Canada-US relations, policing and intelligence services, anti-Americanism, counterterrorism.

Professor Matthew Hilton

Professor Matthew Hilton

Professor of Social History

British popular culture, humanitarianism, consumer society, history of social activism and non-governmental organisations.

Professor Matt Houlbrook

Professor Matt Houlbrook

Professor of Cultural History

Cultural history of modern Britain, histories of gender, sexuality and selfhood

Dr John Hunt

Honorary Research Fellow

I am a medievalist working primarily on regional history and archaeology, medieval lordship and community, and cultural history, in England and France between the tenth and fourteenth centuries.

Dr Simon Jackson

Dr Simon Jackson

Lecturer in Modern Middle Eastern History

Colonial, international and global history of the modern Middle East and the Mediterranean in the twentieth century.

Professor Peter Jones

Professor of French History

I studied at the University of Leeds for my first degree (1967-70) and then moved to the University of Oxford (Balliol College) in order to prepare a doctorate under the supervision of Professor Richard Cobb (1970-73). Whilst undertaking research in France I was a boursier of the French government attached to the University of Toulouse-Le Mirail (1971-72).

Dr Simone Laqua-O'Donnell

Dr Simone Laqua-O'Donnell

Lecturer in Early Modern History
Head of Postgraduate Studies (Taught)

Early modern German history, gender, reformation, witchcraft and the history of crime.

Professor Sabine Lee

Professor in Modern History

British-German relations since 1945, European integration, international relations, the cold war, children and war.

Professor Hugh McLeod

Emeritus Professor of Church History

I am a historian specialising in the religious history of 19th and 20th century. I recently retired from my Birmingham chair, but I am still very active in research and postgraduate supervision.


Dr Paul Miller

Marie Curie Fellow (2011-2013)

My chief task during these two years at the University of Birmingham is to complete a book project on the memory of the Sarajevo assassination of June 28, 1914. I greatly look forward to the insights, ideas, and critiques of new colleagues with whom I will have the opportunity to discuss this ongoing work.

Dr Christopher Moores

Dr Christopher Moores

Birmingham Fellow

Political and social activism with a particular focus on civil liberties and human rights

Dr Steve Morewood

Senior Lecturer in International History

Political, strategic and economic history of the 19th and 20th century East Mediterranean region.

Dr Miriam Muller

Lecturer in Medieval History
Welfare Tutor Department of History

Social and economic history of later medieval England.

Dr Rhoads Murphey

Reader in Ottoman Studies

The History of the Turks, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern, has been my avocation since my first visit to Turkey as a teenager in 1966 and my principal occupation since I completed by doctoral studies at the age of thirty.


Dr William Purkis

Senior Lecturer in Medieval History

Medieval religious cultures (c.1000–c.1300), crusading, pilgrimage and monasticism.

Dr Sadiah Qureshi

Senior Lecturer in Modern History

Cultural and social historian of race, science and empire in the modern world.

Dr Klaus Richter

Birmingham Fellow and Lecturer in Eastern European History

Modern history of East Central Europe and the Baltics, history of nationalism, statehood and war and occupation.

Professor Corey Ross

Professor of Modern History
Head of School of History and Cultures

Global environmental history and modern European social and cultural history

Dr Lucie Ryzova

Dr Lucie Ryzova

Lecturer in Middle East History

Social and cultural historian of modern Egypt, Egyptian popular culture and vernacular modernity.

Professor Gavin Schaffer

Professor of British History
Director of Postgraduate Studies

Race and immigration history, race and the media, racial violence, modern Jewish history, history of television.

Professor Peter John Simkins

Visiting Lecturer

I am now approaching my fiftieth year as a professional military historian. Over the past twelve years I have been privileged to be involved in the development of a centre of excellence in war studies at the University of Birmingham.


Dr Kate Smith

Lecturer in Eighteenth-Century History

Eighteenth-century Britain and empire, material cultures, production, consumption, skill, the senses and the emotions.

Professor Naomi Standen

Professor of Medieval History

Pre-modern China, comparative, world and global history, borders, cross-cultural interaction, politics and society.

Dr Frank Uekotter

Dr Frank Uekotter

Reader in Environmental Humanities

Environmental issues, both historical and current.

Dr Jelle van Lottum

Senior Lecturer and Birmingham Fellow

I work on economic and social history, maritime history and labour migration worldwide, from 1600 to the present.

Dr Daniel Whittingham

Lecturer in War Studies

Conduct of war, British military history, military thought and strategy.

Dr Jonathan Willis

Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History

The English reformation, history and theology of late-medieval and early modern Europe.

Dr Simon Yarrow

Dr Simon Yarrow

Senior Lecturer in Medieval History

Religion and society in the early and central middle ages, religious and political culture, gender and identity.

Dr Shirley Ye

Lecturer in Asian History

Modern China, environmental history, cities, science and technology, frontier and transnational history, gender.

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