About us

Photograph of archaeological site with columns

Archaeology at Birmingham encompasses a range of areas of study, geographically focussed on the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and Britain. It is distinctive through combining its use of innovative technologies to explore the past,with other specialist approaches to archaeological study.

The group also benefits from the long-standing association with Ironbridge Institute which draws in the newer disciplines of heritage studies and industrial archaeology.

Studying archaeology at Birmingham offers you an opportunity to develop a rich and varied understanding of past societies but also equips you with valuable skills and approaches to study that are of real benefit in enhancing your employability. Archaeologists are trained to synthesise understanding from diverse sets of evidence using conventional approaches and technologies but also through new methods applied imaginatively, an approach that has real relevance and applicability throughout the work environment beyond the University.

All students, and staff, benefit too from the collaborative framework in Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology (CAHA) which includes the core disciplines of Classics and Ancient History, Byzantine and Modern Greek studies. Working with these groups enriches the learning experience for all, and offers a much wider range of choice in terms of study. In this way studying at Birmingham can draw on a wider range of subjects and approaches complementing our archaeological expertises.