Research in Immunity and Infection

  Photo of Song Baik, Marie Curie Research Fellow in Professor Graham Anderson's T cell development group

Research in Immunity and Infection is one of the College of Medical and Dental Sciences’ longstanding key strengths.  Current grant awards exceed £50m and the annual research income is approximately £11million per annum.

The School provides a dynamic and interactive research environment cultivated by Professors with enviable reputations in their fields of expertise, Readers, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers, independent fellows and a large number of postdoctoral research staff. All Staff have their own webpages as do research teams, which aids their international collaborations.

Research activity within the School underpins clinical research and translational development in Immunology, Infection, Rheumatology, Hepatology (NIHR Birmingham Liver Biomedical Research Unit), Nephrology and Ophthalmology. Clinical academics work closely with local Trusts and a range of other agencies such as the Health Protection Agency and the Blood Transfusion Service.

Find out more about our research and hear from some of our key academics by watching our 'Research Shorts' video series.

There are a high number of PhD students within the School and from day one they are proactively encouraged to think of their future career as a postdoc.  They receive ongoing support through a range of specialised courses and masterclasses run by PERCAT (Postdoctoral / Early Researcher Career Development and Training) designed to help develop their careers as independent researchers. 

The School also hosts a Clinical Immunology Service which provides specialist support for clinical academics and expertise and opportunities for the development of new diagnostic assays and biomarker platforms.