LLB Criminal Behaviour I

Students studying on the Birmingham CampusModule leader: Dr James Treadwell

Module description:

Criminology can broadly be considered as theories that seek to evaluate and consider law making, law breaking and law enforcement. This module specifically considers contemporary and historical ‘law breaking’ and specifically, how we explain the incidence and occurrence of individual criminality.

This module is an introduction to the methods of research method of criminology, but will examine those methods in the specific context of how criminologists have sought to understand criminal behaviour

The module explores the contemporary nature and extent of criminal behaviour, focusing on specific forms of crime, considering how we come to research, understand and learn of their nature, frequency, prevalence and character of crime and criminality empirically.

Beyond considering how we conceive of and understand individual criminality, it will  locate debates about criminal behaviour in light of socio-economic, political, cultural and technological context. It will draw upon criminological theory, examining wider representations of, and responses to crime media construction and in socio-legal and political spheres.




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