LLB Law of Foreign Relations

Student listening in a seminarModule leader: Dr Rosa Freedman

Module description:

The law of foreign relations affects a state’s relationships with other entities, including other countries and their representatives, international organisations, and corporations operating internationally. The law of foreign relations does not involve one specialist subject area so much as a special focus on an important aspect of many areas of international and national law.

This course studies the relationship between public international law and national systems of law, and the constitutional rules which regulate that relationship. Students will acquire familiarity with the theory and fundamentals of the law of foreign relations and attain additional insights into international law. The course will consider topics including:

  • Statehood and sovereignty
  • Recognition of states and governments
  • International organisations in international and national law
  • Functions of diplomatic and consular missions
  • State immunity
  • Claims, courts and tribunals

The course will provide appropriate knowledge and foundations for those considering a career involving an international dimension or an area of practice involving international elements.





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