Student profile: Wei Yi Lu

Photo of student Wei Yi Lu


Programme: LLB
Year of Study: Year 1, 2008/9
Nationality: Singaporean

Why choose Birmingham?

I chose to study in the UK as it offers a really good educational experience, especially with regards to law, and as the common law system taught in the UK is widely recognised it means I will be able to practice across a number of countries. Birmingham Law School is highly reputable and has a very strong alumni network in Singapore and is known for the quality of education it delivers. Birmingham is also one of a small list of universities in the UK which Singapore recognises and enables me to practice at home after graduation.

I found it easy to settle in when I arrived in Birmingham and found that the international welcome week really helped as they gave us lots of advice and made it easy to adapt to the differences in culture from back home. The vast green land and architecture which Birmingham’s campus has is really attractive and impressive. There is a great fusion of old and new on campus with historical buildings complemented by modern equipment and facilities. The staff are really friendly and helpful with any questions you might have and always take the time to assist in any way they can.


Birmingham is a great place to be, it’s extremely friendly and the education which the law school provides is really good. The teaching is mind provoking and the discussions which take place in seminars help ensure everybody is involved and takes an active part in the learning process.

I’d recommend that anyone coming to study in the UK from Singapore prepares themselves for the big shift in learning culture. In Singapore we learn through listening but here we are encouraged to contribute to discussions and argue different points of view on cases which really helps you to learn in a more active and interesting way."