Student Profile: Kam Sandhar

Photo of student Kam Sandhar

Programme: LLB
Year of Study: 3rd Year, 2010/11

Reseach and teaching

Birmingham Law School has an excellent academic record and some of the leading academics in their field. A degree from Birmingham University has much status and prestige attached to it. It is excellent that the 3rd year of this course is made up of options because it means that I will be studying what I actually want to rather than the prescribed modules that are required for a legal career and that every law student must study. 

The lecturers are extremely enthusiastic about their area of law and this shows through when they are lecturing as they captivate you making you want to learn. Last year  I studied Land Law which is generally seen as a dry topic but I found it increasingly interesting as we progressed through the course. The lecturer proceeded to use Mr Men characters and songs to illustrate points, which may not be a conventional way of teaching but made it fun and interesting and actually helped with recall in exams. Although Birmingham Law School is seen as a traditional law school it is apparent from such examples that development is not hindered by this and new methods and ideas are welcomed from all members of the school.


There have been many opportunities in my first two years at Birmingham to improve my career prospects; the Holdsworth Club has great connections with many of the leading law firms and regularly organise evenings at a firm's office or a dinner which are invaluable opportunities for networking. Recently there has also been an employability fortnight aimed at law students to help them decide what area of law they may wish to pursue and gives assistance in how to successfully apply for vacation schemes, training contracts and pupilages. I have also been part of the inaugural committee of the pro-bono group as the lecture series coordinator, which was great to be involved with because it makes others aware of different career paths that they may choose to take after completing their degree.

Currently I am still unsure as to which direction I want to take once I graduate.  I do have a number of options from carrying on reading law at Birmingham with the masters programme, or to carry straight on to the Legal Practice Course, or even to go into to world of work, but this is a decision that I still have time to dwell on."