LLM Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement

Module leader: Fred Cram

Teaching and assessment (2014): Semester 2, Essay - 6,000 words

Module description:

This module explores the early stages of the criminal justice system. The focus will be on England and Wales, but comparative material will be used where appropriate.

The module is explicitly socio-legal. That is, it is concerned with the law relating to enforcement, the way the law operates in reality, its impact on suspect populations, and what the prospects are for reform. Specific topics will include the following, though not all will be taught in any one year:

  • Aims of criminal justice
  • Models of criminal justice
  • Policing; rights of suspects
  • Prosecution policy and processes
  • Enforcement of ‘regulatory’ crime
  • Police misconduct and legal responses to it
  • Pre-trial and trial
  • Rights and role of victims in criminal justice
  • Ethnicity and criminal justice


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