LLM Global Crime Problems

Module leader: Dr Olga Pleshkova

Teaching and assessment (2016-17): Semester 2, Essay - 6,000 words

Module description:

The module explores the current trend towards the globalisation of criminal justice, the forces behind this (criminal but also institutional), the forms it is taking, their impact as well as problems associated with it (susceptibility to corruption for example) and potential further development 

Seminar topics: 

1)The problems
a) Global crime problems: corruption
b) Global crime problems: trafficking human beings
c) Global crime problems: organised crime
d) Global crime problems: terrorism
e) Global crime problems: the inadequacy of traditional responses.

2) Solutions found so far:
a) Emerging international criminal justice legislators and policy drivers.
b) The impact of their actions.
c) Evaluation of the effectiveness of action taken and problems associated with it (also including international intervention missions accompanied by police missions).

3) Further problems developing
a) Crime trends facilitated by international co-operation agreements.
b) Who watches the watchers? “Policing” international missions and forces.
c) Deficits in development (one-sided development).

4) Potential responses
a) Internationalised criminal justice and multi-level governance.
b) Constitutional issues.