LLM Victimisation and Victim Policy

Students studying in a group settingModule leader: Dr Katherine Doolin

Teaching and assessment (2014): Semester 2, Essay - 6,000 words

Module description:

The module explores a number of key issues regarding victimisation and victim policy. While the module will focus upon victimisation, victim policy, and the participation of victims within the criminal justice system in England and Wales, where relevant, reference will be made to comparative examples from other jurisdictions.

Seminar topics:

  • Defining victims of crime
  • Nature, extent and scope of victimisation
  • Fear of crime & Impact of victimisation
  • Victimology
  • Victim policy & the victim movement – national and international developments
  • Victims’ needs & Victims’ rights
  • Vulnerable victims and witnesses
  • Advances in the treatment of victims
  • Victim participation in the criminal justice system
  • Obstacles to meeting victims’ needs and rights
  • Specific examples of victimisation


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