Current and recent doctoral research projects

The list below shows current and recent doctoral research projects undertaken at Birmingham Law School. If you are interested in further details on completed projects these are available through our eThesis repository.

African Law

  • A critical review of Zimbabwe's dual legal system with special focus on the current status of Roman-Dutch Law as a source of Law
  • The EU-ACP Cotonou Partnership Agreement: A legal framework for peace and security in EU-Africa relations.

Criminal Law (inc. Criminology; International Criminal law; Criminal Justice, Socio-Legal Studies)

  • Unlocking the door: An emperical study of the attitudes and experiences of juvenile offenders in a young offender institution
  • Black women and criminology: A post slavery analysis
  • Criminalising acts of terrorism 
  • Colonial policing in Malta
  • Conceptualisation and operationalisation of the right to a fair trial in criminal justice in Kenya
  • The use of the anti- social behaviour orders (ASBOs) in England and Wales
  • Is criminal law the appropriate place to punish gross negligent manslaughter? (MJur)
  • The comparative development of mediation
  • The rules of fair trial in Kenya's criminal justice system
  • An examination of judicial tendancies in prisoner security categorisation cases (MJur)
  • Is the new partial defence of loss of control the solution to the problems identified with provocation
  • An ethnographic comparative analysis of civil and criminal service provisions provided for black women in the UK and USA (MPhil)
  • Conflicts of Criminal Jurisdiction: Vertical and Horizontal

Commercial Law & International Commercial Law

  • Solutions to outsourcing abuses: The creation of collective obligations through multilateral contracts
  • The exceptions to the principle of autonomy of documentary credits

Comparative Law

  • Criminalising acts of terrorism
  • Commonwealth constitutionalism

Conflict of Laws; Private International Law

  • Bills of lading and the Brussels I Regulation
  • Examining product liability from a conflict of laws perspective
  • The law applicable to cross border road traffic accidents

Constitutional Law; Administrative Law

  • Commonwealth constitutionalism
  • An articulate silence: The interpretation and construction of taciturn bills of rights
  • An exploration of the effectiveness of local authority regulation of the taxi trade

European Union Law

  • The harmonisation of law of damages and its procedural framework for breach of EU Competition Law
  • EU State aid and public procurement: pulling forces of an unsteady construction
  • The development of EU labour law in light of the decisions in viking and laval on the European right to strike and its inter-relationship with the market integration and fundamental rights rationales (MPhil)
  • The EU-ACP Cotonou Partnership Agreement: A legal framework for peace and security in EU-Africa relations.
  • External participation in EU decision-making process through the EU established instruments
  • Barriers to a transatlantic defence procurement market
  • The protection of software development, interoperability and the public domain – what roles for intellectual property and competition following Microsoft

Family Law

  • State Intervention into family life

Health Care Law; Medical Law; Bioethics

  • Foetal sex selection using pre-implantation genetic diagnosis for non-medical reasons
  • Confidentiality and truth telling: bioethics and judicial decision making

 Human Rights; Civil Liberties

  • Lost in translation? An examination of international European and United Kingdom law concerning the right to asylum through the upholding of asylum seekers' access to the full asylum determination process
  • Who is a refugee?
  • Catching terrorists between war and peace  
  • The right to education and the Roma of Eastern Europe
  • The rules of fair trial in Kenya's criminal justice system

International Law

  • The legal status and rights of refugee children in Malaysia
  • Dispute settlement and regional trade agreements in international trade: enhancer or inhibitor?
  • Aut dedere aut judicare as a customary rule
  • The UN member states and individuals sharing international responsibility for the serious violation of international law committed during peace support operations
  • A legal analysis on piracy and armed robbery at sea in the Straits of Malacca: A Malaysian perspective
  • European Union Law and International Law 
  • Catching terrorists between war and peace 
  • Defensive use of force in Islamic and international law: With reference to the case of Palestine  

International Economic Law

  • The implications of public private partnership in WTO litigation on human right to sustainable development:The experiences of EU, USA, Brazil and the Indian experience 

Judicial Administration (operation of courts and judicial appointments)

  • Institutional autonomy and the United Kingdom Supreme Court (MJur)

Jurisprudence; Legal Theory

  • Environmental philosophy in international law: a study of environmental philosophical perspectives in decisions of the ICJ 

Labour Law

  • Equality in parental leave

Legal Responses to Terrorism

  • Criminalising acts of terrorism
  • 'Stop and search': terrorism and policing
  • Catching terrorists between war and peace 

Restorative Justice

  • Restorative justice

Tort law; Product Liability

  • Legal Epidemiology - The use of epidemiology to resolve disputes about causation in tort litigation
  • A critical analysis of the current approach of the courts and academics to the problem of evidential uncertainty in caus ation in tort law