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30th November - History in Legal Research: What? Why? How?

24th November - Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Lecture Series: Tim Moloney QC

23rd November - Assessment and feedback

18th November - Leaders in Law: Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma

16th November - The Stern Report and the Future of REF

9th November - US Election: Rapid Reaction Roundtable

8th November - Q & A on the Brexit Decision

3rd November - Leading public lawyers meet at Birmingham Law School to consider the British Bill of Rights and political constitutionalism

2nd November - Encouraging Active Student Learners

2nd November - Leaders in Law Lecture: Grace Ononiwu OBE

26th October - Getting the Best out of Personal Tutoring

25th October - Law virtual open day

19th October - Brexit: The Implications for Legal Research

13th October - Rehabilitation, Culture and Society

12th October - What is Teaching Excellence in Law?

5th October - Roundtable Reflections on Writing Academic Research

28th September - Food Regulation and Scientific Expertise: Critical Reflections.

7th-8th September - UK and Ireland Streetlaw Best Practices Conference 2016

2nd August - Cross-Border medical treatment post Brexit: what will be the implications for patients, professionals and the NHS

24th June - Reflections on the Result of the EU Brexit Referendum of 2016

24th June - Big Data and Health Care: Legal and Ethical Challenges and Opportunities

23rd-24th June - More or less Europe?

8th-9th June - Crime and Control Ethnography Symposium 2016

1st June - Law in the Time of Cholera

4th March - Holdsworth Presidential Address: Sir David Lloyd Jones

11th February - Leaders in Law: Karl Chapman, Riverview Law

3rd February - Dr Matthew Gibson: Rape and Mistaken Consent

19th January - Lost in Translation? – From Science to Regulation

18th January - Britain's place in Europe: a view from the European Commission's Representation in London


10th December - Human Rights Day 2015

8th December - Leaders in Law: Judge Brian Barker QC

25th November - Professor Yvonne Jewkes

6th November - Public Lecture: Lady Hale - Appointing Judges to the UK Supreme Court

6th-7th November - Appointing Judges in an Age of Diversity: An International Conference on the 10th Anniversary of the Judicial Appointments Commission

4th November - Nick Hardwick, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons

19th October - Professor Ian O'Donnell

15th October - Leaders in Law: Dame Linda Dobbs

8th October - Lord Harris of Haringey

14th September - Vulnerability and Resilience: An Emerging Paradigm

3rd September - Postgraduate discussion group with Professor Martha Fineman, Emory University

13th July - Law and Norms of Music Borrowing

8th July - Virtual postgraduate open day

29th-30th June - Corporate Lawyers and Corporate Clients: Power, Practice and Privilege

12th June - Controlling Crypto-currencies - conference at Birmingham Law School

9th June - Law's Impact in the Real World

26th May - Capital punishment

23rd May - Dementia and vulnerability

18th-19th May - 'SHAPE': Enquiring into the Forces Shaping Subsidy and State Aid Laws

30th March - Workshop: Re-imagining Clinical Legal Education

6th March - Holdsworth Presidential Address: Lord Hughes

23rd February - IEL Annual Lecture 2015: The EU Law Making Process - Engineering a Better Solution

19th February - Leaders in Law: Andrew Caplen, President of the Law Society

17th February - Documentary Screening: 12th & Delaware

15th January - Postgraduate reading group with Anna Grear (Cardiff Law School)

8th-9th January - Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA) Postgraduate Conference 2015


10th December - World Human Rights Day: Tuesday 10th December

4th December - Queer Inheritance, Kinship, Law

21st November - Ebola: Towards an International Health Systems Fund

21st-22nd November - Conference: A Critical Exploration of Global Health Law

18th November - Young prisoners - A research discussion event

18th November - Documentary Screening: The Edge of Joy

6th November - Leaders in Law: Rachel Sandby-Thomas, Director General for Enterprise and Skills

4th November - The underlying principle in nuisance claims

15th October - Rehabilitation revolution? Young prisoners experiences of re-integration and resettlement

7th October - Leaders in Law: Adam Sampson, Chief Legal Ombudsman

17th September - Workshop: Re-imagining the Teaching of Criminal Law

11th July - Brown Bag Lunch: Dr Stephen Smith (University of Birmingham)

26th-27th June - Reforming the EU: The Future of European Law & Policy

25th June - Leaving Europe? The Legal, Political and Economic Implications of a UK Exit from the EU

25th June - IEL Annual Lecture 2014: What have the Europeans done for us?

24th June - Dogs, Owners & Responsibility: Law in the Doghouse?

19th June - Research seminar: The Silenced Citizens of Russia: Exclusion of Nonheterosexual Subjects From Rights-Based Citizenship

13th June - Transcending Boundaries in the Law: Postgraduate Research Conference

9th June - Brown Bag Lunch: Professor Jean McHale (University of Birmingham)

5th June - Care and Relationality Research Workshop

14th May - Research seminar: Re-thinking the burdens of modern imprisonment

7th May - Research seminar: Pussy Riot: show trials and the new lawyer

7th May - Comparative legal and ethical issues surrounding assisted reproductive techniques in animals

30th April - Towards a Theory of Legal Subjectivity

29th April - Abortion Privacy/Abortion Secrecy - What's the Difference and Why Does It Matter?

26th March - Research seminar: title to be confirmed

21st March - Holdsworth Presidential Address: Lady Justice Hallett

20th March - When Life means Death...

19th March - Law In Practice: His Honour Judge Martin Cardinal

12th March - Research seminar: title to be confirmed

12th March - Leaders in Law: Professor Francois Crepeau

5th March - Research seminar: title to be confirmed

27th February - Leaders in Law: Jacqueline Minor

26th February - Is Humanity Now Enough? The Future of International Refugee Protection

19th February - Research seminar: title to be announced

19th February - Introduction to LLM programmes in Birmingham Law School

19th February - College of Arts and Law Postgraduate Study Events

12th February - Communication Challenges faced by Litigants in Person in the Adversarial Court Proceedings

5th February - Why you don't want to own your body?

29th January - Harmful Societies: Examining the production of harm in capitalist societies

22nd January - UN Immunity or Impuntiy?

21st January - Leaders in Law Lecture: Lord Justice Rix


23rd November - Access to Justice in an Age of Austerity: CEPLER conference

19th October - The use of scientific evidence in criminal and civil litigation

28th-29th June - Integration or Disintegration? The Future of European Law & Policy

28th-29th June - Integration or Disintegration?
The Future of European Law & Policy

28th-29th June - Integration or Disintegration? The Future of European Law & Policy

27th June - Judicial Activism and Conferred Powers - Is the CJEU falling into bad habits?

8th May - The Evolution of the Legal Status of Protection Given to the Fetus

22nd March - International Arbitration: an alternative to the courts or a forum in its own right?

14th March - Fulfilling its Purpose for the 21st Century? English Family Law and the Debate on the Accommodation of Shari'a Law

7th March - Sovereignty Re-visited

2nd March - Holdsworth Presidential Address: Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury

29th February - Going to bed with the chickens: the criminalisation of sexual acts with non-human animals and corpses

28th February-8th May - Reimagining Global Pharmaceutical Knowledge Governance through a Human Rights Framework

22nd February - Conscience: Reflections around Radbruch

15th February - Judicial activism and the ECJ: how should academics respond?

9th February - Res Omnium Communes, Res Extra Commercium: The Common Heritage of Mankind

1st February - Sexual Violence and the Possibilities of Restorative Justice

25th January - Spare Organs, Spare Tissue, Spare Genes?

25th January - Spare Organs, Spare Tissue, Spare Genes?

18th January - Are Labour Rights Human Rights?

11th January - Beyond acts, circumstances and results: A fourth ulterior element