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Birmingham Law School
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Moira Wright’s teaching and research is informed by her work as a barrister in Birmingham where she is a tenant in a large, highly successful set.  Her area of practice includes the range of private and public family law issues, particularly local authority care cases, and mental health law. She is a member of the Midlands Circuit and the Family Law Bar Association. She also works as a family law mediator. She has previous experience sitting on Child Support Appeal Tribunals and as a magistrate. She has advised the BMA Ethics Committee on surrogacy.


  • LLB (University of Wales, Aberystwyth)
  • BCL (Oxford)
  • Barrister at Law (Gray’s Inn)


Moira Wright is a graduate of the University of Wales and received a BCL from the University of Oxford. She has variously taught contract, labour law, family law, and medicine ethics and law in the School, being course leader in both medical and family law for many years. She helped establish links between the Law School and Birmingham Medical School and the School of Nursing and served on the ethical and law training boards of both schools, as well as teaching their undergraduates. She is a Barrister and a practising family law mediator.


  • Law and Medicine
  • Family Law
  • Law of Contract
  • Undergraduate dissertation module (module leader)

Postgraduate supervision

Moira is pleased to supervise postgraduate work which falls within her areas of interest, and particularly in all aspects of family law and dispute resolution and process, issues of capacity and the role of the Court of Protection.


Her main research interests are in medical law and family law. She has a publishing record in the areas of family property, financial support (work supported by her experience sitting on Child Support Appeal Tribunals) and domestic violence. Other writing has focused on medical law issues and publications have explored issues of surrogacy and consent to and refusal of medical treatment, with particular reference to Aids and HIV. She has a particular research interest in the question of competency to make decisions, both of adults and children.

Other activities

Moira is the School plagiarism officer and welfare tutor for third year undergraduates



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