Dr Imogen Jones

Birmingham Law School

Contact details

0121 414 9038
0121 414 3585
Birmingham Law School
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Imogen’s teaching and research concentrates on the areas of criminal law and criminal evidence law. She is particularly interested in the theoretical, political and philosophical debates regarding these areas. Her work on these areas is published in international peer reviewed journals.



  • LLB(Hons) (Manchester)
  • MA International Criminology (Sheffield)
  • PhD (Manchester)


Imogen joined Birmingham Law School in September 2012. Previously, she was a lecturer at the University of Manchester. 



  • Criminal Law (LLB and CPE, Module Leader)
  • Criminal Evidence and Proof (LLM, Module Leader)
  • Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement (LLM)

Postgraduate supervision

Imogen is currently supervising PhD's considering unequal rules in criminal evidence law and consent to harm. She is happy to supervise projects in the following areas:


  • Criminal law, especially regarding the regulation of non-fatal violence and marginal sexual preferences
  • Criminal evidence law
  • Criminal justice process


Imogen’s research interests have, and continue to, overlap with her teaching interests. She has published articles about various rules of criminal evidence, concentrating on the political and rhetorical dimension of their drafting and interpretation. She has also examined the criminalisation of ‘unnatural’ sexual acts and is interested in the way that dead bodies are dealt with by the criminal law. She has given papers at international conferences on all of these topics. More recently, Imogen has been involved in a the submission of a funding bid to the Economic and Social Research Council for a project which seeks to contrast the legal and lay perceptions of the appropriate role of consent in regulating the criminalisation of sexually motivated violence. 

Other activities

Programme Director: LLB



  • Jones, I, ‘A problem of the past? The politics of ‘relevance’ in evidential reform’ (2012) Contemporary Issues in Law 277
  • Jones, I, ‘Still Just rhetoric? Judicial discretion and due process’ (2011) 32(3) Liverpool Law Review 251
  • Jones, I, ‘A beastly provision: why the offence of ‘intercourse with an animal’ must be butchered’ (2011) 75(6) Journal of Criminal Law 528
  • Jones, I, ‘A political judgement? Reconciling hearsay and the right to challenge (2010) 14 International Journal of Evidence and Proof  232


Other Publications


  • Sanders, A,  and Jones, I  ‘The prosecution process in England and Wales: Questionnaire update’ in P. Tak (ed) European Prosecution Systems Vol II (Wolf, 2005)
  • Sanders, A,  and Jones, I ‘The victim in court’ in S. Walklate (ed) Handbook of Victims and Victimology (Willan, Cullompton, 2007)
  • Jones, I, Book Review – C.McCartney Forensic Identification and Criminal Justice:
  • Forensic Science, Justice and Risk (2006, Willan) (2008) 48(3) British Journal of Criminology 424