Kayleigh Tranter

Birmingham Law School
Doctoral researcher

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  • LLB (Birmingham)
  • MJur (Birmingham)


I began studying the LLB at the University of Birmingham in 2008 and during this time developed an interest in tort law, in particular the negligence of public authorities. This led me to undertake an M.Jur at the University of Birmingham once I had completed my undergraduate studies. As part of this I researched the liability of health authorities in negligence and under the Human Rights Act 1998 in relation to the Article 2 operational duty and during this time became interested in the other duties imposed by Article 2.

Doctoral research

PhD title
An examination of the investigatory duty imposed on the state by Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights
Dr Claire McIvor
Law PhD / PhD by Distance Learning / MPhil / MJur


My research involves looking at the investigatory duty under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The main aim of the research is to clarify the scope of the duty, including when an investigation is required, what kind of investigation is required and who should conduct the investigation.

Other activities

I am currently a PGTA for Law in the Academic Writing Advisory Service. As part of this work I help to run workshops on academic writing skills for undergraduate students.