Student prizes awarded in German Studies  

Prizes are regularly awarded in German Studies in recognition of excellent academic work and outstanding contributions to the life of German Studies at Birmingham.

Michael Butler Prizes

The Michael Butler prizes are awarded in memory of Professor Michael Butler (1935-2007). Two prizes of £100 are awarded each year. One is given for the best essay by a second-year undergraduate student on a German Studies topic, whilst the other prize is awarded for the best essay or dissertation by a final-year undergraduate student or master’s student on a German Studies topic.

Amanda Green Prize

Founded in memory of Amanda Green (1968-89), a student of Joint Honours (German and French). The prize will be awarded annually to the student recommended to the Board of the School of Humanities by the Head of Department and the President of the Deutscher Verein as having made the best all-round contribution to German Studies.

Eleanora Allen Travel Scholarship

Awarded in alternate years by German Studies

Founded in memory of Mrs. Eleanora Allen, wife of the late Professor GC Allen, CBE, FBA, a former student and Lecturer at this University. A number of travel scholarships may be offered annually to deserving 1st year undergraduate students to assist them in attending an approved Summer School in a French or German speaking country at the end of their 1st or 2nd year. The awards will be made by the Board of Arts Schools on the joint recommendation of the staff in French and German Studies.

Karl Damman Memorial Prize

Founded by a friend of the late Dr Karl Damman the first Professor of German Language and Literature in Mason College. The prize is awarded annually to the student who is recommended to the Senate as the most promising and distinguished student in German at the end of his or her second or final year. The prize is given in the form of works in the German Language.

Pascal Prize

The prize is awarded annually on the recommendation of the teaching staff in German Studies, meeting under the Head of the Department, to the best Postgraduate student in German.

Sandbach Prize

The prize will be awarded annually on the result of the 1st examination in German to the student who shows the greatest promise as a student of German and who intends to proceed to a higher stage in the study of that language. The prize will be awarded in the form of either books or of such aids as may be approved by the Professor of German.

Sonnenschein Prize

Founded to commemorate the services rendered to the Faculty and the University by Professor EA Sonnenschein, Professor of Latin and Greek, 1883-1918 and first Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 1900-02. A number of prizes may be awarded to first year students whose performances in the examinations is deemed to be of sufficient merit and who are not awarded any other prize.