The Michael Butler Prizes 

Photo of Professor Michael ButlerThe Michael Butler Prizes have recently been established in honour of the tremendous contribution of Professor Michael Butler (1935-2007) to teaching and research in German Studies.

Two Michael Butler Prizes of £100 are awarded each year

  • for the best essay by a second-year undergraduate student on a German Studies topic
  • for the best essay or dissertation by a final-year undergraduate student or master’s student on a German Studies topic

The Prizes have been made possible by the generosity of Michael Butler's many friends, colleagues and former students, whose names are listed below. An endowment has been created, so that the prizes will exist in perpetuity.


German Studies wishes to thank all those who have contributed to the Prize fund. Some contributors have asked to remain anonymous.

Mr S A Arnold
Mrs R S Barker
Mr G C Barnett
Ms H A Beal
Ms S Bernhard
Miss S V Beusch
Ms S C Black
Professor E Boa
Mr J M Bourne
Mrs S D M Braithwaite
Mrs J G Brown
Professor M Caesar
Mr T Capes
Ms R A Chitty
Mrs C F Coleman
Dr R Combridge
Professor E C D Crossley
Mr D Davies
Mrs J E de Vries
Mrs C S Divver
Mrs S Dodd
Professor W J Dodd
Miss Z F Engert
Mr R J Evans
Mrs R J Fairclough
Miss S A Field
Mr R Fletcher
Mr A E Forsyth
Professor S R Giles
Mr D R Grey
Dr E G M Griffiths
Mr A R L Griffiths
Ms E A Groucutt

Mrs S R Harding
Dr N W Harris
Mr M Hausmann
Professor R B Jackson
Mr M D Jackson
Mrs A J Jefferies
Mr P Lancaster
Mr R P Lancett
Professor D Large
Dr A E Lawson
Mrs P A Lee
Ms S L Lindsay
Professor R Littlejohns
Mr D Lomasney
Mrs S R Lutz
Ms C Marlow
Miss J M Marriott
Dr C W Martin
Mrs S M Masterton
Miss C J Mayzes
Dr A C McDermott
Mr T A McTaggart
Dr D Midgley
Mr N H W Morris
Mrs L A Moss
Mr G A Owen
Mrs G E A Palmer
Miss C E Parker
Dr K S Parkes
Miss T Patel
Professor R Paulin
Dr C M Pearce
Miss H L Pearson

Dr D M Pinfold 
Ms Y B Prabhudas
Professor J M Ritchie
Dr J Sayner
Mrs P C Scott
Miss L A Shafer
Miss R M Shilson
Mrs C H Sleep-Thomas
Mr N A Smith
Dr H C Smith
Miss J R Sparling
Professor R Speirs
Mr J M Spencer
Mr P J Spencer
Dr M E Stewart
M Storm
Miss A D Tame
Mrs R K Tedd
Mrs C A Thompson
Mr D A Tolley
Professor M Toolan
Mrs P E van der Will
Ms K L Vevers
Mrs S R Veysey
Miss H V Walker
Ms R Wallace
Miss H E Watkins
Dr S Watts
Mr C Wickham
Professor D Wood
Mr D Wozniak
Mrs S E Young