German Studies Summer School

DAAD German Studies Summer School
University of Birmingham, 17-21 July 2012

A consortium of institutions—the Universities of Edinburgh, Birmingham (IGS/German Studies), Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Oxford, and the Institute for Germanic and Romance Studies (University of London)—are organising a series of German Studies summer schools for postgraduates with the support of the DAAD. Following the success of the first Summer School in Edinburgh in 2011, the University of Birmingham hosted the second event in the series in July 2012.

The Call for Papers can be accessed here.

The Summer School offers postgraduate researchers in all areas of German Studies in the UK (social and political science, history, literature, law, cultural and media studies) the opportunity to strengthen innovative and interdisciplinary approaches. The event will include self-organised workshops looking at research topics and methods and career planning and professional and research training.

A further important function of the summer school is to co-ordinate postgraduate research in German Studies across the UK and to facilitate the sharing of good practice between universities e.g. institutional scholarships for postgraduates in German Studies.

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