Doctoral researchers in German Studies

James Green

Doctoral researcher

PhD Title: Nietzsche and Schopenhauer’s Reception of the Sturm und Drang
Supervisors: Dr Nicholas Martin and Dr Elystan Griffiths
PhD German Studies

I graduated from Birmingham in 2005 in German Studies and Italian Studies (Joint Honours). During my undergraduate study I developed a strong interest in German literature, with a particular ...

Helen Hunter

Doctoral researcher

PhD Title: The Son as Adam and Christ: Literary Uses of Biblical Imagery in Hartmann von Aue’s Gregorius, Kafka’s Die Verwandlung and Thomas Mann’s Der Erwählte
Supervisors: Dr Nicholas Martin and Dr Nigel Harris
PhD German Studies

Having developed a keen interest in medieval and modern German literature during my undergraduate ...

Leila Mukhida

Doctoral researcher

PhD Title: Spectatorship and Contemporary German-language Autorenfilm
Supervisors: Professor Sarah Colvin and Dr Elystan Griffiths
PhD German Studies

Leila has a BA (Hons) in French and German Studies and an MA in German Cultural Studies from the University of Warwick. Previous to her PhD she lived in Berlin for 4 years, where she worked as a freelance ...

Linda Schmucker

Doctoral researcher

PhD Title: Travelling Childhood Memories of the Second World War: German-American Women’s Participation in the US-American Contemporary Memoir Boom
Supervisor: Dr. Joanne Sayner
PhD German Studies

I graduated from the University of Kentucky in the USA with an MA in German Studies and an MA in Education. During my graduate studies in German ...

Jessica Wood

Doctoral researcher

PhD Title: A Critical Analysis of the Presentation of the Relationship between Nietzsche’s Idea of the Dionysian and Artistic Creation in the Works of Thomas Mann and Gabriele D’Annunzio
Supervisors: Dr Nicholas Martin and Dr Clodagh Brook
PhD German Studies
PhD Italian Studies

I obtained my undergraduate degree in German ...

David Zell

Doctoral researcher

PhD title: Major cultural commemorations and the construction of cultural & political identity in the GDR, 1959-1983
Supervisors: Dr Joanne Sayner and Dr Sara Jones
PhD German Studies

After taking early retirement from a 39 year international business career David resumed formal academic studies and in 2012 completed a two-year part-time MA ...


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