Undergraduate study in German

As part of our BA Modern Languages, you can study German on its own, or alongside one or two other languages. You can also study German with another subject as part of a wide range of degree combinations. A particular strength of the course offered at Birmingham is the range and coverage that we can offer. In addition to language teaching, you can study literature, history, translation studies, linguistics, politics, business German, and cinema with us, and range from the study of the very earliest forms of German to contemporary culture, politics and history. 

Most of our students have taken German before up to A-level or equivalent. However, German can be studied from beginner's level in all the programmes below apart from BA German Studies and Law with German.

Modern Languages BA

A highly flexible degree for those wishing to study German as a Single Honours degree or to combine German with one or two other languages. German as part of BA Modern Languages (PDF - 872KB)

Modern Languages with Business Management BA

This flexible course has been designed for those who want to combine the study of one or two modern languages with Business Studies as a Minor subject comprising approximately one-third of the programme.

Joint Honours combinations with German

We offer German in combination with a wide variety of non-language subjects:

Geography and German Studies BA

German Studies and History BA

Modern Languages and English Literature BA

Modern Languages and Music BA

German as a Minor in combination with non-language subjects

In these degree courses, you will take either 20 or 40 credits in German language, depending on the course combination.

Economics with German BSc

International Business with Language BSc

International Relations with German BA

Law with German LLB

Money, Banking and Finance with German BSc

Modern Languages Graduation 2013