Basque society and culture


Credits 10

Semester 2nd

Codes M236 0922665

Status Optional

Teaching methods One 2-hours session per week

Language Spanish and English. Having studied Basque language previously is not required


The term Basque usually brings to mind adjectives such as primeval, ancient, mysterious, isolated, unknown. Although the Basque Country has maintained its cultural and historical legacy it is nowadays an open, modern and dynamic society.

This course aims to study Basque society from a historical, anthropological, sociolinguistic, political and cultural perspective, through the analysis of different forms of artistic and cultural expressions (literature, music, painting, films, TV programs, architecture, folklore, etc).

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to

  • Understand the historical legacy of contemporary Basque politics and society
  • Identify the main symbols and motives in Basque mythology and be familiar with some representation of folklore, traditions and beliefs
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the most relevant figures of Basque culture as well as their output and establish the connection between the socio-political situation and the cultural products of the given period
  • Understand the singularities and specific framework of small nations, such as the Basque


One essay of 2,500 words.

Core texts

Learning resources are provided by the tutor (in English and Spanish).


Ira Ortigosa Pascual