Galician Review, Volume 1, 1997

Inaugural lecture

  • Rise up and walk: Spain's forgotten Celts - David Mackenzie, University of Cork


  • Presuppositional effects in English and Galician - Xosé Rosales Sequeiros, University of Buckingham
  • In sickness and in health: Alfonso X of Castile and the Virgin Mary in Cantiga 235 - Kirstin Kennedy, University of Oxford
  • ‘Verso por verso, todo el rosario de sonetos de Pietro Aretino’: questions of musicality and rhythm in the English translation of Ramón del Valle-Inclán's Sonata de otoño - Derek Flitter, University of Birmingham
  • Stephen Dedalus into Spanish and back into English: genesis of the translations - María Jesús Lorenzo Modia
  • Dedalus in Compostela (A pseudoparaphrase) - Vicente Risco. Translated by David M Clark and María Jesús Lorenzo Modia
  • Nationalism vs. universalism in the 1926 Galician fragments of Ulysses - Carmen Millán-Varela, University of Birmingham
  • Publishing and selling Galician literature - Xoán González-Millán, Hunter College

Creative writing

  • Contornos - Xavier Carro

Book reviews

  • Alvaro Cunqueiro, Merlin and Company, translated by Colin Smith (Carlos Durán)
  • X L Méndez Ferrín, Them and Other Stories (Anxos Sanmartín Rei)
  • Manuel Forcadela, A poesía de Eduardo Pondal (Derek Flitter)