Volumes 3 and 4, Galician Review


  • An Interview with Darío Villanueva - Derek Flitter
  • Oral and Literate Processes in Galician-Portuguese Song - Mary O'Neill
  • Town versus Country: the depiction of northern labourers in Madrid in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries - Salvador García Castaneda
  • A Note on Manuel Curros Enríquez and the Galician Rexurdimento - Angel Manuel Aguirre
  • Virginia Woolf from Galicia: Hyperborean Dream and Cosmopolitan Symphony - Manuel Fernández Rodríguez
  • North and South and The Decline of the West: Galicia, Spengler and Otero Pedrayo - Craig Patterson
  • The Military Uprising of 1936 and the Repression in Galicia - Alvaro Jaspe

Creative writing

  • Tumba de Lupa - Carmen Blanco
  • 'Beyond' and Other Poems - Claudio Rodríguez Fer

Book reviews

  • La Revista de Galicia de Emilia Pardo Bazán, Edited with an introduction by Ana María Freire López - Reviewed by Derek W. Flitter