Volumes 5 and 6, Galician Review


  • Galician Language Studies: Between Ideology and Linguistics - Xosé L. Regueira
  • Religion and morriña in the Young José A. y Trelles: A New Archive Comes to Light in Montevideo - Gustavo San Román
  • Risco and Portugal: Contacts Previous to the Insitutional Consolidation of Galician Nationalism - Thomas Harrington
  • Translating the Galicians into Celtic History: The Presence of Leabhar Gabhála in Nós - Kerry Ann McKevitt
  • Reconstructing the Nation and the Detective Novel: Carlos G. Reigosa's Crime en Compostela - Stewart King
  • The Translation of Children's and Young People's Literature in Galicia: Production and Research - Lourdes Lorenzo García
  • Interview: Xavier Frías Conde

Creative writing

  • Poems by the 'Grupo Bilbao', Galician Poets living in Madrid

Book reviews

  • Estudios Galegos Medievais. Studia Hispanica Californina. Vol. 1, Edited by Antonio Cortijo Ocaño, Giorgio Perissinotto, Harvey L. Sharer. (Patricia Anne Odber de Baubeta)
  • Joaquim Ventura, O nacionalismo kármico de Vicente Risco (Craig Patterson)
  • Manuel Rivas, The Carpenter's Pencil, Translated by Jonathan Dunne. (Kirsty Hooper)