Samina Amin

MPhil (B) Modern European Cultures

Supervisors: Mónica Jato and Joanne Sayner

After graduating with a BA Joint Honours in Italian and Hispanic Studies in July 2010, I decided that I wasn’t quite ready to leave the University of Birmingham. In October 2010, I began studying for an MPhil (B) in Modern European Cultures. I have just completed the taught requirements of the course and about to transfer to writing up status. For the research component of the course, I am writing my thesis on Silvia Mistral’s Éxodo. Diario de una refugiada española and the way in which memory and gender manifest themselves within the text in particular relation to her journey into exile.

My main research interests are in Hispanic exile and in the next year, I hope to become an active part of the Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile and continue to be part of the steering committee for the Graduate Centre for Europe. During both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, I have been the Student Representative for my course and have recently participated in the making of a marketing video. In 2010, I also participated in the making of a video for the Study Abroad and Exchanges Office.

I have also been a languages ambassador and went into schools as part of the Routes into Languages project to encourage pupils to study languages. I hope that in the next year that I will once again be involved in the promotion of studying languages.    

As for my plans for the future, I have aspirations to continue my studies to PhD level and hope to continue to studying at The University of Birmingham.