Anneliese Hatton


Anneliese began her MA research in September 2012 at the University of Birmingham funded by the Instituto Camões and supervised by Dr Patricia Odber de Baubeta. She completed her undergraduate degree at the same institution, receiving First Class Honours in History and Portuguese.

Her research stemmed from her interest contemporary Portuguese culture and literature, and the impact she believes national culture has on literature. She chose to focus on the notion of portugalidade, or what it means to be Portuguese, and how this is represented in contemporary Portuguese literature. From her research she has come to believe that there is a duality within portugalidade, and for this reason she has chosen two novels that she believes represent this; Mário de Carvalho’s Fantasia para dois Coroneis e uma Piscina and António Lobo Antunes’ O Esplendor de Portugal.

Anneliese became interested in this topic during her year abroad in Coimbra - she believes that contemporary Portuguese culture in particular is an area that has not received a huge amount of academic attention. The Revolution of 1974 has left Portugal, she contends, with a national identity crisis, because without its empire it must find new referential points to define itself. Portugal’s recent problems mean that these identity issues are under the spotlight as the Portuguese try to find a way forward.

She will be giving a paper based on her research in May 2013 at the University of Glasgow’s interdisciplinary conference, Assembling Identities, entitled “Portugalidade como dualidade - The “Janus-faced” nature of Portuguese National Identity”.

This year she has designed and delivered a course entitled ‘Introduction to Lusophone History and Cultures’ and also taught a Beginners’ Portuguese Language Course.

She plans to develop her research on portugalidade and contemporary Portuguese literature with a PhD after completing her MA thesis.