Carlos Gago Aragón


Carlos holds a BA in Hispanic Studies from the University of Salamanca where he also followed the Postgraduate Teacher Training Programme (C.A.P.). He first studied in the Department of Modern Languages: Hispanic Studies of the University of Birmingham in 2001, when he wrote his final-year dissertation: a comparative study of Ramón María del Valle-Inclán and Antonin Artaud. His work examined the aesthetic and philosophical links between these two authors, with a focus on the influence of certain kinds of narcotics on both writers' theatrical project. He joined Hispanic Studies in September 2005 as a Spanish Colloquial Assistant. He submitted his MPhil dissertation entitled La Reconstrucción del Sujeto en el Ciclo de Centro Habana. Pedro Juan Gutiérrez: Estrategias de Jinetero y Literatura to the University of Birmingham in June 2008. He is currently developing this dissertation into a series of articles that deal with subjects such as masculinities, autobiography, and connections between markets and different canons.

He has recently embarked on a new project which he expects to be his PhD. His subject is mass culture as a territory where urban identities in Post-National Spain have been coined. He will use a multidisciplinary approach in order to examine the role of comic books and periodicals in the development of aesthetics and discourses that evolve from and fluctuate between the underground and the mainstream.

He joined the Spanish International Cooperation Agency's cooperation scheme in July 2006 and, as part of that programme, he started work at the University of Belize. He has been Coordinator of the Spanish Programme of the aforementioned University where he contributed to the development of a Bachelor degree in Hispanic Studies to be implemented from January 2009. He has also embarked on a new project on linguistic politics and education in the multilingual context of Belize.