Holly Pike - Hispanic Studies

email: hjp719@bham.ac.uk

After graduating from the University of Birmingham, with a first class degree with distinction, Holly began postgraduate research as the Sir Henry Thomas Junior Research Fellow in the department of Hispanic Studies in 2011. What began as an MPhil research project on 'remembrance' and the body within testimonies by Spanish female political prisoners under Franco has since transmuted into a full-blown PhD; Holly has just begun the second year of her doctorate study, on an AHRC grant. Her research, jointly supervised by Dr. Mónica Jato and Dr. Charlotte Ross, examines life narratives by female political prisoners under Franco from a post-structuralist perspective combining gender, genre, and Hispanic studies. She is currently working on her thesis which proposes a categorisation for this corpus foregrounding the social, the corporeal, and the subject as a means for instigating textual analysis.

Aside from her thesis, she is interested in representations of female subjectivities, bodies, and sexualities within media products. Holly also teaches undergraduate students in Hispanic Literature, acts as a research assistant for Dr. Jato's project on female exile and memory, 'Un barco cargado de...' [A Boat Laden With...], and convenes the Gender and Sexuality Forum, Roles, with which she organised the Roles: Interdisciplinary Gender and Sexuality Postgraduate Colloquium last year.