Ivete Houer Milton 

Email IXH753@bham.ac.uk

Ivete has been living in Worcester since November 1999. Prior to that she was a Teacher of Portuguese and Spanish from 1986, and Lecturer from 1992, in Iguassu Falls, a Brazilian city close to the borders of Argentina and Paraguay.

Ivete took her first degree in “Letras”: Portuguese and Spanish Language and Literature at UNESP (Universidade Estadual Paulista “Júlio de Mesquita Filho”), in Assis, state of São Paulo. 

In 1996, she completed her Masters’ Degree in “Letras”, specialising in Philology and Linguistics, at the same university. Her first piece of research was in 1991 and was based upon “Textual Linguistics and the Teaching of Language”, which was part of her Masters’ Degree. In 1996, she investigated specific “Types of Research in Linguistics and Approaches to Language Learning”. In the following year, she developed ‘‘Textual production in Secondary Schools”, based on theories of Applied Linguistics and the use of Communicative Method in teaching Foreign Language.

She has participated in several Brazilian and Argentinian conferences connected with Applied Linguistics. Her research has resulted in her giving a number of papers at these events and a number of publications in scientific journals in both countries. She hopes that her studies for her PhD in Hispanic Studies at Birmingham, under the joint supervision of Dr Odber de Baubeta and Professor John Klapper, will extend and upgrade her knowledge and experience of Applied Linguistics and Philology.