Rosix Rincones Díaz 


Rosix took her first degree from The University of Toledo (USA) and graduated in English and Literature (1985). She has lectured at the Universidad de Guayana, Ciudad Guayana (Venezuela) since 1987 where she taught a programme to improve the reading skills of first-year students, and has also taught literature in the School of Education. She took her Masters degree in Latin American Literature at the Universidad Pedagógica, Caracas (Venezuela) in 2001. 

Rosix has presented papers at international conferences and has published research articles in Venezuela and Spain. She published a monologue intitled Bárbara Helena, inspired by Rómulo Gallegos' character Doña Bárbara, in La Nueva Literatura Hispánica (2006). Since 2004 she has been a columnist with the Venezuelan newspaper El Correo del Caroni, for which she stills writes. At the present time, she is beginning her second year as a PhD student at the University of Birmingham, supervised by Dr Conrad James. Her research explores the imagined cities of Latin American literature, such as Comala, Macondo, and the real and imagined Venezuelan cities Ortiz and Cubagua.