Spanish and Latin American History 

Photograph of three book covers relating to Latin American historyDr Aengus Ward, Lecturer. His research interests lie in the fields of medieval Spanish history, historiography and textual editing. In the past, he has organized the Conference of Historians of Medieval Iberia at the University of Birmingham.

Early Modern Spain and Spanish America

Dr Nicholas Griffiths, Senior Lecturer. His research interests focus on History of Religion in Early Modern and Contemporary Spain and Spanish America; Spanish Inquisition; Christianity and Native Religions in Colonial America; Comparative History of Early Modern British, French and Hispanic America. He has published two books and several articles in these fields.

  • Sacred Dialogues: Christianity and Native Religions in the Colonial Americas 1492-1700 (Lulu Enterprises UK, 2007). A Spanish conquistador who posed as a sorcerer and cured native Americans as he trekked across an unknown wilderness; a French Jesuit who conjured rain clouds in order to impress his indigenous flock with the potency of Christian magic; a Puritan minister who healed a native chief in order to win him for God; a Mexican noble who was burned at the stake for resisting the gentle Franciscan friars; an Andean chief who was haunted by nightmares in which his native gods did battle with the Christian Father; a Huron magician who vied with French missionaries over spirits of the night in a shaking tent ceremony. These are a few of the individuals whose struggles are brought to life in the pages of this book. Their experiences, among others, reveal what happened when Christianity came into contact with Native American religions in three distinct regions of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century colonial America: Spanish, French and British.
  • Edited with Dr Fernando Cervantes of the University of Bristol, Spiritual Encounters: Interactions between Christianity and Native Religions in Colonial America. University of Birmingham Press and the University of Nebraska Press, 1999.
  • 'The Best of Both Faiths: The Boundaries of religious Allegiance and Opportunism in Early Eighteenth-Century Cuenca'. In Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, LXXVII: 2 (2000), 13-40. University of Glasgow
  • La cruz y la serpiente. La represión y el resurgimiento religioso en el Perú colonial, translated by Carlos Baliñas Pérez, Lima, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Fondo Editorial, 1998.
  • 'Popular Religious Scepticism and Idiosyncrasy in Post-Tridentine Cuenca' In Faith and Fanaticism: Religious Fervour in Early-modern Spain, edited by Lesley K. Twomey, pp.95-128.
  • "Inquisition of the Indians?": The Inquisitorial Model and Repression of Andean Religion in Seventeenth-Century Peru'. In European and Non-European Societies, 1450-1800. Volume II: Religion, class, Gender, Race, edited by Robert Forster. An Expanding World, Volume 27, pp.359-78. Aldershot: Variorum, 1997.
  • The Cross and the Serpent. Religious Repression and Resurgence in Colonial Peru, Norman and London, University of Oklahoma Press, 1996.