Translation Studies


  • Dr Odber de Baubeta has written on the problems of translating address forms, and of translating advertisements between cultures. She has also published translations of Portuguese short stories. She too will also be contributing to the MA in Translation Studies.
  • Eugénio Lisboa (ed), The Anarchist Banker and Other Portuguese Short Stories: Volume I, Manchester, Carcanet, 1997, including "The Madonna of the Graveyard", Fialho de Almeida.
  • Eugénio Lisboa (ed), Professor Pfiglzz and His Strange Companion and Other Portuguese Short Stories: Volume II, Manchester, Carcanet, 1997, including Manuel da Fonseca, "Maria Altinha", David Mourão-Ferreira, "And She Said Nothing", Herberto Helder, "The Police"
  • Dr Odber de Baubeta has also edited a special monographic number of the journal Fragmentos (Brasil), dedicated to the projection of Lewis Carroll's Alice into other languages and literatures: Alice in Translation: A Homage to Lewis Carroll.

Work in progress

  • Dr Odber de Baubeta is currently translating António Ferreira's sixteenth-century comic play O Cioso into English.
  • Dr Oakley has translated and commented on selected passages from the Crónicas of Fernão Lopes (XV Century). For further details see the Portuguese Research and Publications pages.