Undergraduate study in Hispanic Studies 

As part of our BA Modern Languages, you can study Spanish on its own, or alongside one or two other languages. You can also study Spanish with another subject as part of a wide range of degree combinations. We welcome both beginners and advanced students.

You can follow modules which deal with history, linguistics and visual arts and/or opt for more specialised courses, such as Introduction to the Spanish Caribbean, Literature and Violence in Peru or Barcelona: Urban Space and Cultural Identity. You can also study Portuguese, Catalan, Galician and Basque as part of our programmes, beginning in your first or second year and with the option of continuing with them through your year abroad into final year. These are not available on their own, but can be taken post A level and as a beginner as part of the BA Modern Languages programme alongside another language.

Our Hispanic Studies undergraduate degree courses

Modern Languages BA

The key to understanding another society is mastering its language. From this starting point, you can examine a country's history, its literature and culture; and by comparison you can learn more about our own society. The BA Modern [more...]

Modern Languages with Business Management BA

This flexible course has been designed for those who want to combine the study of one or two modern languages with Business Studies as a Minor subject comprising approximately one-third of the programme.

This programme [more...]

Modern Languages (University of Birmingham with The Open University pathway) BA

Discover an alternative route to a language degree that combines distance learning, on campus learning and a year abroad. The key to understanding another society is the mastery of the language. From this starting point, you can examine [more...]

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